Readers ask: Where Is Castroville Texas?

How far is Castroville Texas from San Antonio Texas?

There are 23.66 miles from Castroville to San Antonio in northeast direction and 25 miles (40.23 kilometers) by car, following the US-90 E route. Castroville and San Antonio are 26 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

What is Castroville famous?

Castroville is known for its artichoke crop and for the annual Castroville Artichoke Festival, leading to its nickname as the “Artichoke Center of the World”.

Is Castroville TX safe?

Castroville, TX Crime

Statistic Reportedincidents Castroville/100k people
Assault 6 190.8
Violent crime 8 254
Burglary 20 636.1
Theft 36 1,145.0

Who settled Castroville TX?

Castroville was colonized in the mid-1840s by a group of colonists from the Alsace province of France. Most of the Alsatians who immigrated to Texas were attracted by the promise of free land.

What is the artichoke capital of California?

One of the region’s most distinctive crops is the artichoke, particularly around the rural town of Castroville, 19 miles northeast of Monterey. The town, nicknamed “the Artichoke Capital of the World,” is home to Ocean Mist Farms, a major producer of artichokes and other crops on farms dotting the length of California.

Who is Castroville named after?

Castroville, the “little Alsace” of Texas, is located on the Medina River and U.S. Highway 90 twenty-five miles west of San Antonio in eastern Medina County. The town was named for its founder, Henri Castro, with whom the Republic of Texas negotiated an empresario contract on January 15, 1842.

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