Readers ask: Where Is Canyon Lake Texas?

How far is Canyon Lake from San Antonio Texas?

There are 34.12 miles from San Antonio to Canyon Lake in northeast direction and 43 miles (69.20 kilometers) by car, following the US-281 N route.

How far is Canyon Lake from Austin?

The distance between Austin and Canyon Lake is 41 miles.

How far is Canyon Lake Texas from Dallas?

The distance between Dallas and Canyon Lake is 220 miles.

How do you get to Canyon Lake?

Located on the north side of the lake off FM 306 approximately 10 miles west of Canyon City. Take Potters Creek Road south at the blinking yellow light. Take road into the park. Ramp is past entrance gate.

Are there alligators in Canyon Lake Texas?

There are certainly some alligators in Canyon Lake. And in the Guadalupe River, too. In fact, they are found in most of the lakes and natural waterways in south and east Texas.

How much does it cost to get into Canyon Lake?

Green Fees – 18 Holes

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Type of Rate Prime (6 a.m. – 2 p.m.) Super Twilight (4 p.m. – close)
Daily Play – Adult $38 $20
Daily Play – Mid Adult (18 – 35) $25 $19
Daily Play – Junior (17 or younger) $13 $8
Golf Cart Fee (daily) $15 (per person) $10 (per person)

Is it safe to swim in Canyon Lake?

Swimming and water activities are at your own risk. No swimming allowed in tunnels. Swimming, snorkeling, skin diving and use of small flotation devices should not go beyond 50 feet from the shore and are prohibited on the Main Lake Ski Area.

Is there a town under Canyon Lake?

The project created such an economic boon for the area, that a new town called Canyon City was established in 1958. The dam was completed and water control began in 1964, forming Canyon Lake. By 1968, the lake had filled more than 8,000 acres, and the towns of Hancock and Crane’s Mill were completely submerged.

Is Canyon Lake nice?

Canyon Lake Texas is a nice, quiet, scenic place to live. I would be more nice if there were less people moving into the area. Right now there is a large number of residents moving in and making it crowded by previous standards. Canyon Lake is a rural area outside of San Antonio, Tx.

Does Canyon Lake have a beach?

Swimming Areas

Canyon Lake boasts numerous recreation areas with awesome beaches. There are eight designated swimming areas around the lake. All of them are situated in beautiful green parks.

Is Canyon Lake Texas Open to the public?

Facilities: Day Use – OPEN TO ALL FOR HIKING AND FISHING! Useage of Guadalupe Park is free of charge. Guadalupe Park is located below Canyon Dam along the first mile of the Guadalupe River.

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Do you need a reservation for Canyon Lake?

The Canyon Lake POA takes reservations for the pavilion areas that are available at Holiday Harbor Park and Roadrunner Park and also the stage at Indian Beach. Reservation requests may be made online on each of the park pages or residents can call the Activities department at 951.244.

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