Readers ask: Texas Cna Licensure?

How do I get my CNA license in Texas?

CNA Requirements in Texas

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Be in good physical health.
  3. Up-to-date immunization records.
  4. Pass a criminal background check.
  5. Graduate from a Certified Nursing Assistant School in Texas.
  6. Pass the State Exam.
  7. Register as a Certified CNA.

How do I transfer my CNA license to Texas?

Texas offers you the opportunity to apply for reciprocity if you are a certified nursing assistant in another state. You will need to complete an application for reciprocity. Complete the form in its entirety and submit any other documents and forms requested.

How do I find my CNA license number in Texas?

Nurse Aide Registry. Find nurse aide registries in other states. Texas Health and Human Services maintains a registry of all nurse aides who are certified to provide services in nursing facilities and skilled nursing facilities licensed by the agency. To contact the nurse aide registry, please call 512-438-2050.

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How much are CNAs paid in Texas?

CNA Salary in Texas

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $32,783 $2,731
75th Percentile $28,796 $2,399
Average $27,510 $2,292
25th Percentile $21,708 $1,809

What state has the highest paying CNA jobs?

Detailed List Of Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries By State

Rank State Average Wage
1 North Dakota $33,990
2 Nevada $35,130
3 Michigan $30,130
4 Wyoming $30,910

How long is a CNA license good for in Texas?

There is no expiration date on a Certified Nursing Assistant license in Texas. To keep the license current, the CNA must contact the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Licensing and Credentialing Regulatory Services every two years to verify employment.

Can I work as a CNA without being certified?

Working Without Certification

Some employers hire non-certified nursing assistants and allow them to perform the duties of a CNA without the title. However, this is typically for nurse assistants who have completed a training program and are waiting to take the state’s certifying exam.

Can you have CNA license two states?

Multi-state licenses are easy to apply for if the CNA meets the requirements above. After they have passed their exam, they can opt for a multi-state license through the nursing state board. CNAs must get their name listed on the State Board Registry to be able to work as a nurse aide in that particular state.

How do I apply for Texas reciprocity?

How to Apply for Reciprocity

  1. Complete an Occupational Licensing Electronic Application (OLEA)
  2. Enter all the information under the reciprocity section.
  3. Submit a $111 application fee.
  4. Upload a copy of your current license, and copies of any applicable training or course completion certificates.
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Where can I find my CNA license number?

Check Your Certificate

If you have one from the board of nursing or your state department of health, check it for your CNA license number. Another possibility is to look for the letter that came with it, or any email or print correspondence that you’ve received from your state’s licensing agency.

How do I check the status of my drivers license in Texas?

Phone and In-Person Inquiries. You also can check the status of your license by speaking with a customer service representative at the Department of Public Safety. This can be done over the phone by calling (512) 424-2600.

How do I check the status of my medication aide in Texas?

To check the status of a medication aide please see the Employability Status Check Search website and enter the medication aide’s name or social security number. The State of Texas recognizes the contributions of our military service members, their spouses, and veterans.

Is becoming a CNA worth it?

It’s emotionally rewarding

Helping other people and seeing them get well or cope with their conditions is extremely rewarding, particularly for really compassionate people. Apart from that, learning that your patients and their relatives are able to appreciate you and the hard work that you do makes the job worth it.

Do CNAs clean poop?

Nursing assistants help patients go poop, they clean up poop and they even help stop poop (as in the case of diarrhea). As a CNA you will assist patients who need to use the bathroom and other times, when patients aren’t able to walk, you will help them use bedpans.

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Is a medical assistant higher than a CNA?

Working as a medical assistant is quite different from working as a nursing assistant, also known as a nursing aide. Job duties of a medical assistant focus more on patient assessment, evaluation and helping doctors with patient care and treatment. A nursing assistant’s job duties involve more direct patient care.

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