Readers ask: How Far Is San Antonio From Houston Texas?

How far is Houston from San Antonio by car?

The calculated flying distance from San Antonio to Houston is equal to 190 miles which is equal to 305 km. If you want to go by car, the driving distance between San Antonio and Houston is 317.17 km. If you ride your car with an average speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be 02 hours 49 minutes.

How long does it take to drive to San Antonio from Houston?

How long is the drive from Houston, TX to San Antonio, TX? The total driving time is 2 hours, 57 minutes.

Is San Antonio Safe?

The San Antonio and Balcones Heights police departments reported the two highest crime rates in the area. San Antonio, with its population of more than 1.5 million, had more than 11,000 incidents of violent crime.

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Is San Antonio closer to Houston or Dallas?

If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Dallas to San Antonio, It takes 0.45 hours to arrive.

Dallas Distances to Cities.

Dallas Distance
Distance from Dallas to Houston 362 km
Distance from Dallas to San Antonio 406 km

What is the coldest month in San Antonio Texas?

San Antonio’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 38.6°F. In August, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 94.7°F.

How far is San Antonio from the beach?

Surfside Beach

This beach is 231 miles away from San Antonio and is roughly a 3 hour and 47-minute drive via the I-10.

Is San Antonio a good place to live?

Ultimately, San Antonio provides a more affordable living scene than other big cities in Texas, such as Austin or Dallas. The cost of living is actually 14% below the national average, according to PayScale. Depending on what job you’re looking for, the average annual salary is $43,740.

What is the halfway point between San Antonio and Houston?

The halfway point between San Antonio, Texas and Houston, Texas is: Schulenburg, TX. Find a place to meet halfway. These two locations are 197 miles apart and the exact midpoint is I-10, Schulenburg, TX 78956, USA.

How far is San Antonio from the border?

The closest border crossing to San Antonio is in Eagle Pass, 144 miles away.

What is the most dangerous city in Texas?

Mostdangerouscities in Texas

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The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program shows that, among 534 Texas cities reporting data, Austin ranks 128th. The cities with the highest violent crime rates are South Padre Island, New Boston, Snyder and Oyster Creek, each with a rate above 1,200 incidents per 100,000 residents.

Where is the ghetto in San Antonio?

Bad Neighborhoods

There are certain neighborhoods in San Antonio where the crime rate is the highest and you should avoid them if at all possible The neighborhoods with the highest crime rates are Westwood Village, the Southeast side, Palm Heights, Thompson Community, and Government Hill.

Is it safe to walk the Riverwalk at night?

We visited the river walk at about 7pm and felt unsafe as we walked many homeless sat on the path and made it hard to walk around them. It was crowded and had many construction detours. Wasn’t fun when we had to detour and lose our way back.

What is the prettiest city in Texas?

10 of the Most Beautiful Cities in Texas

  • Fredericksburg. Credit:
  • Jefferson. The Lone Star Carriage Company Of Jefferson Texas.
  • Wimberley. nan palmero via Flickr.
  • Canyon.
  • Port Isabel. Credit:
  • Rockport.
  • Salado. Salado Chamber of Commerce.
  • Marble Falls.

Is it cheaper to live in San Antonio or Houston?

You would need around 4,314.74$ in Houston, TX to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 4,200.00$ in San Antonio, TX (assuming you rent in both cities).

Cost of Living Comparison Between San Antonio, TX and Houston, TX.

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City Cost of Living Index
Houston, TX 63.12
San Antonio, TX 64.1
New York, NY 100
Prague 51.37

Is Dallas or Houston cheaper?

You would need around 4,620.72$ in Dallas, TX to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 4,300.00$ in Houston, TX (assuming you rent in both cities).

Cost of Living Comparison Between Houston, TX and Dallas, TX.

City Cost of Living Index
Dallas, TX 65.07
Houston, TX 62.59
New York, NY 100
Prague 51.27

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