Quick Answer: Look Who Got Busted Kerrville Texas?

Who got busted Kerrville?

The Kerrville Police Department said Michelle Irene Leija, 41, and Mario Lee Clark, 40, were arrested and charged after officers made the discovery on Jan. 27 at a Motel 6 in the 1800 block of Sidney Baker Street. The arrest warrants were issued on Tuesday for forgery and engaging in organized crime.

Who got busted Nolan County?

McDonald’s primary dealer, Sergio Salinas, 26, of Dallas, and his brother Jose Alberto Salinas, 20, were arrested in Nolan County on November 9, 2019.

What is Kerrville Texas famous for?

Kerrville is best known for its beautiful parks such as Kerrville-Schreiner Park, Louise Hays Park and Flat Rock Park that line the Guadalupe River which runs directly through the City and is treasured by those who live in and visit Kerrville.

Who got busted Longview Texas?

According to Longview Police, investigators found and seized 33 grams of crack cocaine from the room. Along with the seizure, three arrests were made. Those arrested were, 29-year-old Atrice Parker, 23-year-old Selena Peacock and 44-year-old Emory Rose.

What is the cost of living in Kerrville Texas?

Kerrville cost of living is 88.0

COST OF LIVING Kerrville Texas
Health 89.3 95.4
Housing 91.2 84.3
Median Home Cost $210,800 $195,000
Utilities 101.7 99.2

Is Kerrville Texas Safe?

cities and crime. A study of Texas cities — big and small — finds that Kerrville is the 125th safest city in the state — at least according to the website Safewise, which reviews safety products.

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Who got locked up in Sumter?

Syvero Durron Patterson, 48, Marian Lorraine Newman, 24, and Rachell Lee White, 37, all of Sumter and Amanda Lynn Grant, 37, of Dalzell were arrested. The three women were charged with simple possession of marijuana.

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