Question: Where Is Teague Texas?

How far is Teague Texas from Dallas?

The total driving distance from Teague, TX to Dallas, TX is 97 miles or 156 kilometers.

What city is Teague TX close to?

List of Cities near Teague in Texas, United States of America

Major Cities Close to Teague
Dallas 137 km / 85.1 miles
Corpus Christi 438.3 km / 272.3 miles
Oklahoma City 443.1 km / 275.4 miles
Tulsa 501.5 km / 311.6 miles

How far is Teague Texas from Waco Texas?

Distance from Waco, TX to Teague, TX

The straight distance between Waco, TX and Teague, TX is 51.06 mi, but the driving distance is 54.97 mi. It takes 1 hour 20 mins to go from Waco, Texas to Teague, Texas.

What county is Teague Texas?

Teague is located in western Freestone County at 31°37′39″N 96°17′0″W (31.627618, -96.283353).

What is there to do in Teague Texas?

Essential Teague

  • Cooper Farms Country Store. Speciality & Gift Shops. 9.1 mi from Teague.
  • Fort Parker State Park. Historic Sites, Military Bases & Facilities.
  • Fairfield Lake State Park. State Parks.
  • Confederate Reunion Grounds State Historic Site. Historic Sites.
  • Old Fort Parker. Historic Sites.
  • Eagle Scout Park. Parks.

How do you pronounce Teague Texas?

I’d like to submit Teague, Texas to this list – pronounced “Tig” (rhymes with rig, fig, etc.)

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