Question: Where Is College Station Located In Texas?

Is College Station close to Houston or Dallas?

College Station is a city in Brazos County, Texas, situated in East-Central Texas in the heart of the Brazos Valley, in the center of the region known as the Texas Triangle. It is 83 miles (130 kilometers) northwest of Houston and 87 miles (140 km) east northeast of Austin.

How far is College Station Texas from Dallas Texas?

How far is it from Dallas to College Station? The distance between Dallas and College Station is 152 miles. The road distance is 181 miles.

Is College Station a nice place to live?

College Station is in Brazos County and is one of the best places to live in Texas. Living in College Station offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents rent their homes. In College Station there are a lot of parks. Many young professionals live in College Station and residents tend to lean conservative.

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What big city is near College Station Texas?

5 major cities are near College Station; Houston being the closest is 96.8 miles or 155.8 kilometers away. College Station is also near the Oklahoma state border; Oklahoma City in Oklahoma is 373.8 miles or 601.6 kilometers away.

Is UT better than A&M?

On August 12, Money magazine unveiled its Best Colleges for Your Money for 2019-20, and A&M not only bested the University of Texas at Austin, it topped every school in the state.

What is the cost of living in College Station Texas?

College Station cost of living is 92.8

COST OF LIVING College Station Texas
Health 98.4 95.4
Housing 106.2 84.3
Median Home Cost $245,600 $195,000
Utilities 95.6 99.2

How far is San Antonio from College Station?

Distance between San Antonio and College Station is 247 kilometers (154 miles). Driving distance from San Antonio to College Station is 289 kilometers (179 miles).

How far is Austin from Dallas?

Distance from Austin to Dallas

The shortest distance (air line) between Austin and Dallas is 184.34 mi (296.66 km). The shortest route between Austin and Dallas is 198.52 mi (319.48 km) according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. 3h 36min.

How far is Houston from Dallas?

Distance between Houston and Dallas is 363 kilometers (225 miles). Driving distance from Houston to Dallas is 385 kilometers (239 miles).

Does it snow in College Station Texas?

The US average is 205 sunny days. College Station gets some kind of precipitation, on average, 90 days per year.

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Climate Averages.

College Station, Texas United States
Rainfall 40.1 in. 38.1 in.
Snowfall 0.0 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 89.8 days 106.2 days
Sunny 209 days 205 days

Does College Station TX flood?

There are several creeks within the City of College Station that create an increased risk for flooding in major rain events. The City College Station has Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) that identify all floodplain areas within the city limits.

What is College Station known for?

Situated in the Brazos Valley of East Texas, College Station is most known for being the home of the main campus of Texas A&M University.

What does Texas A & M stand for?

What does “A&M” stand for? Agricultural and Mechanical, originally, but today the letters no longer explicitly stand for anything. 4, 1876 as the state’s first public institution of higher education, it was called the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, or “A&M” for short.

What is Texas A&M known for?

The school, which is known as a research institution, offers unique programs including the only veterinary medicine school in Texas. The school also has a campus in Qatar, where about 500 students enroll. Notable alumni of Texas A&M include dozens of politicians such as U.S. Reps.

How far is College Station from the ocean?

There are 132.15 miles from College Station to Surfside Beach in southeast direction and 160 miles (257.50 kilometers) by car, following the TX 288 S route. College Station and Surfside Beach are 2 hours 54 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

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