Question: Where Is Bonham Texas?

How far is Bonham Texas from Dallas Texas?

The total driving distance from Bonham, TX to Dallas, TX is 71 miles or 114 kilometers.

How far is Bonham from Houston?

Distance from Bonham, TX to Houston, TX

There are 267.97 miles from Bonham to Houston in south direction and 309 miles (497.29 kilometers) by car, following the I-45 S and US-287 S route.

How far is Bonham Texas from McKinney Texas?

There are 37.40 miles from Bonham to McKinney in southwest direction and 39 miles (62.76 kilometers) by car, following the TX 121 route. Bonham and McKinney are 58 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

What is Bonham Texas known for?

Bonham is famous as the home of Sam (Samuel T.) Rayburn, national Democratic party leader and speaker of the House. The Sam Rayburn House and Sam Rayburn Library and the county museum of history are open to the public.

Is Bonham Texas a good place to live?

Its a good town with lots of great people. Bonham is quickly growing and I am sure so will the choices of things to do will also. I have lived in Bonham, Texas since 1985. There are a lot of elderly people that live here, as well there are more people moving to the Bonham area.

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What county is Fannin TX in?

As of the 2010 census, its population was 33,915. The county seat is Bonham. The county was named for James Fannin, who commanded the group of Texans killed in the Goliad Massacre during the Texas Revolution.

Fannin County, Texas.

Fannin County
Coordinates: 33°35′N 96°07′W
Country United States
State Texas
Founded 1838

What is the county seat of Fannin County Texas?

Fannin County is located in Northeast Texas on the Oklahoma border. Bonham, the county seat, is fifty-five miles northeast of Dallas.

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