Often asked: Texas State Fair Prices?

How much is the State Fair of Texas?

General admission tickets are just $16, and child/senior tickets are $12. You can also buy a DART GoPass to the Fair. Both your DART GoPass and your Fair tickets will be available on your phone to be scanned at the gates.

How much is parking at the State Fair of Texas?

Parking is $15 per space used at the official State Fair of Texas lots.

How much money did the State Fair of Texas make in 2019?

State Fair of Texas Statement of Activities Summary Years Ended December 31, 2019, 2018 and 2017

Operating Revenues $64,698,745
Operating Expenses $58,555,129
Excess (Deficit) of Revenue Over Expenses $6,143,616
Realized and Unrealized Investment Gain (Loss) $2,888,366
Changes in Net Assets (Net Income) $9,031,982

How much is a corny dog at the Texas State Fair?

“We want people to come through every restaurant and say, ‘That’s exactly what I got at the State Fair. ‘ It means a lot to us to make sure we’re authentic to the whole process,” Stevens says. Fletcher’s corny dogs at Golden Chick cost $5 each. A combo with fries and a drink costs $7.99.

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Is Big Tex still at the state fair?

Big Tex donned a mask in September 2020 while the fair was on hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Big Tex
Location within Texas
General information
Location Fair Park in Dallas
Coordinates 32.7797°N 96.7644°WCoordinates:32.7797°N 96.7644°W

Is Fair Park open year round?

From nail-biting football games to touring one of our many museums and everything in between, visitors come yearround to explore Fair Park*. *Some of the information below may change due to COVID-19. Please visit our COVID-19 update here.

How do I get to Fair Park?


  1. Take U.S. 75 (North Central Expressway) South toward downtown Dallas.
  2. Take exit 284A to connect to Interstate 30 East (toward Texarkana)
  3. Take exit 48A and follow directions to Fair Park.

When did the State Fair of Texas Open?

The State Fair of Texas opened its gates for the first time on October 26, 1886. Approximately 14,000 people attend the opening day. On November 7, 1886, the fair closes and attracted over 100,000 people for the very first year.

What chicken place is selling Fletcher’s Corny Dogs?

After the promotion ended on Sunday, Golden Chick President Jim Stevens reported that the 187 Golden Chicks in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana sold 475,000 Fletcher’s corny dogs. Stevens called it “the best partnership and best promotion we’ve had in the history of the brand.”

How many corn dogs are sold at the State Fair of Texas?

Over 500,000 corny dogs are sold annually throughout the 24 days of the State Fair of Texas. That’s 60,000 pounds of hot dogs!

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How much is a corn dog at the State Fair?

We found the best deals to be $5 for a regular-sized hot dog, however, corn dogs of the same size also sell for $6. Other stands offer 12-inch dogs for $8 and a few even have a whopping 18-inch corn-dipped dog for $14.

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