Often asked: How Far Is San Antonio From Dallas Texas?

How long does it take to drive from Dallas to San Antonio?

How long is the drive from Dallas, TX to San Antonio, TX? The total driving time is 4 hours, 10 minutes.

Is there a train from Dallas to San Antonio?

Amtrak Texas Eagle is the one and only train line which connects Dallas, Texas to San Antonio, Texas. The schedule is relatively limited as the train only runs twice a day. Amtrak Texas Eagle train tickets from Dallas to San Antonio start from $19, and on average cost $33.

How far is San Antonio from Dallas by plane?

How far is Dallas from San Antonio by plane? The distance from Dallas to San Antonio by plane is 247 Miles.

What city is halfway between Dallas and San Antonio?

The halfway point between Dallas, Texas and San Antonio, Texas is: Belton, TX.

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How far is San Antonio from the beach?

Surfside Beach

This beach is 231 miles away from San Antonio and is roughly a 3 hour and 47-minute drive via the I-10.

How far is San Antonio from the border?

The closest border crossing to San Antonio is in Eagle Pass, 144 miles away.

How much is a train ticket to San Antonio Texas?

$6.00 is the cheapest price for a train ticket to San Antonio, according to recent searches on Wanderu. You can use our search to check if this price is currently available on buses from your city to San Antonio.

Why is the Amtrak so expensive?

So why is train travel so expensive? Train travel is so expensive in the United States because Amtrak, the national provider of passenger rail service, receives very little funding from the government compared to its counterparts, such as roadways and airports.

Is Amtrak cheaper than flying?

Amtrak tickets tend to be higher than air fares if you book a roomette or bedroom as the price includes meals and private accommodations. However, Amtrak coach seats are often cheaper than coach seats on a plane, especially if you purchase tickets in advance.

What is the coldest month in San Antonio Texas?

San Antonio’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 38.6°F. In August, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 94.7°F.

What is the best month to visit San Antonio Texas?

The best time to visit San Antonio is from November to April, when the weather is comfortable and the hotel rates are lower. Summer sees the largest influx of tourists from in- and out-of-state.

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Is Dallas or Houston closer to San Antonio?

This air travel distance is equal to 252 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Dallas and San Antonio is 406 km= 252 miles.

Dallas Distances to Cities.

Dallas Distance
Distance from Dallas to Houston 362 km
Distance from Dallas to San Antonio 406 km

Is San Antonio cheaper than Austin?

Austin is 33.0% more expensive than San Antonio.

How much is a bus ticket from San Antonio to Dallas?

Quick info about your trip between San Antonio, TX and Dallas, TX

Bus ticket from $14.99
Distance between San Antonio, TX & Dallas, TX 252 miles
Direct connections Yes
Environmentally-friendly bus travel Yes

What is halfway to San Antonio?

The halfway point between San Antonio, Texas and Houston, Texas is: Schulenburg, TX. Find a place to meet halfway. These two locations are 197 miles apart and the exact midpoint is I-10, Schulenburg, TX 78956, USA. Some places you could meet at include Tillie’s Cafe, City Market, and The Garden Company.

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