How To Send Money To An Inmate In Texas?

How do I put money on an inmate’s books in Texas?

Walk in deposits can be paid with a cash or debit card. Deposit funds to an inmate’s account online through several different companies: JPAY, TouchPay, Western Union, and eCommDirect. Each of these companies charges a fee to send the funds, and allows you to use a debit or credit card.

How do I put money on my TDCJ inmate account?

For the nearest ACE location, call 1.866. 734.2306 or visit their web site at ECOMMDIRECT is the secure way to make a deposit in an offenders trust fund account. send funds using Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card.

How do you get a commissary for an inmate in Texas?

Friends and family can choose to make an online merchandise purchase or an online deposit to an inmate’s inmate trust fund account or both. The online merchandise purchase will be delivered to the inmate within five business days after TDCJ receives the purchase transaction details from

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What can I send a TDCJ inmate?

Offenders will only be allowed to receive mail from general correspondents on standard white paper. Mail received on colored, decorated, card stock, construction, linen, or cotton paper will be denied.

How many pictures can you send to someone in TDCJ?

Only 5 photos can be sent in an envelope with a single stamp at a time, and often times a facility will only allow 3-5 photos.

How do I put money on an inmate’s phone in Texas?

You may contact SCBS at 1-800-844-6591. Offender Telephone Account – You can deposit money into the Offender’s Telephone account. You do not need to be on the Offender’s Visitor List to deposit funds in an offender’s account; however, funds placed in offender accounts become the property of the offender.

How do I send money to East Texas treatment facility?

In order to send money to your inmate you need to contact East Texas Treatment Center (XQ) – MTC for your Inmate’s correctional ID, contact the nearest Money Gram agent and provide them your name, Inmate’s name, Inmate’s correctional ID, East Texas Treatment Center (XQ) – MTC code and the amount to be send or just

How do I find someone’s TDCJ number?

TDCJ Inmate Search – Email

You can send an email to [email protected] with the inmate’s full name and 7-digit TDCJ number. If you do not know the TDCJ number, provide the exact date of birth to get the location of the TDCJ Inmate.

How can I get food from an inmate in Texas?

How to Use eCommDirect

  1. Purchase specific commissary items for the offender from TDCJ’s online catalog (delivered to the offender within 5 business days after TDCJ receives the order).
  2. Make a deposit into their Trust Fund account (deposited into offender’s account within two business days after TDCJ receives the order)
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How do you find out when an inmate will be released in Texas?

How to Find Out When Someone Will Be Released From TDC in Texas

  1. Use the Online Tool. The TDCJ’s website offers an online tool called the Offender Information Search.
  2. Call the TDCJ. You can also find out information on an inmate’s release by calling the TDCJ’s offender locator line during regular business hours.
  3. Email the TDCJ.

What is a transfer facility in Texas?

Tulia Unit, also known as Tulia Transfer Facility, is a minimum security prison located in Tulia Texas, part of Swisher County. Inmates at Tulia Transfer Facility are provided recreational activities that include board games, weight lifting, basketball, volleyball and hardball.

How do I send a picture to a TDCJ inmate?

Send photos to any inmate, any prison

  1. Upload photos. Add your photos from your phone, Facebook, and Instagram to the Pelipost app.
  2. We print & ship. We print and ship your photos via USPS. FREE SHIPPING on all orders!
  3. Photos arrive. Your order will reach the facility in about 3-5 business days. Faster than our competitors.

How long does it take for an inmate to receive money through JPay?

JPay generally transmits payments within one to two business days, with the exception of lockbox money order payments, which are generally processed within ten business days of receipt of the money order by JPay.

How do I send a care package to a TDCJ inmate?

Friends and family members can purchase and send care package items to a Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmate through the eCommDirect website. Inmates must meet eligibility requirements in order to receive care package items, according to the eCommDirect website.

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