FAQ: Which Event Occurred At Spindletop, Texas?

When did cattle become big business in Texas?

In the mid-1800s, cattle ranching was becoming big business in Texas and wealthy cattle barons like Charles Goodnight and Richard King were known from coast to coast. Not all the successful ranchers in Texas were dust-covered, mustachioed men, however.

What is the best description of Texas political culture?

Daniel Elazar, a social scientist, has described Texaspolitical culture as strongly individualistic and traditionalistic, and the state government definitely reflects those tendencies.

Who led the Grange and populist movements of the late nineteenth century?

Who led the Grange and Populist movements of the late 19th century? Tenant farmers.

Which racial or ethnic group in Texas is concentrated in East Texas?

African Americans are especially concentrated in East Texas and in several of the state’s largest metropolitan areas, especially Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Austin.

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Why was Texas full of cattle in 1867?

Why was Texas full of cattle in 1867? Cattle herds were not managed and multiplied during the Civil War.

What was a major industry in early Texas?

Lumbering and flour and grist milling were the first permanent industries established in Texas and remained the two leading industries throughout the early period of development.

What is the political culture of Texas dominated by According to Professor Daniel Elazar?

According to Elazar, Texas’s political culture is a combination of traditionalistic and individualistic elements. The traditionalistic aspects of state politics are exemplified by the long history of one-party dominance in state politics, the low level of voter turnout, and social and economic conservatism.

Which best describes Texas dominant political culture today?

What best describes Texas’s dominant political culture today? The best government is a limited government. The political ideology that actively supports the expansion of civil rights and tolerates social change is. Texas ranks in the top 10 among all states for.

Which of the following had a positive influence on cotton production in Texas?

Which of the following had a positive influence on cotton production in Texas? Political independence and statehood, the development of barbed wire and railroads, and increased immigration of White Americans into Texas.

What were the goals of the Populist Party?

The party adopted a platform calling for free coinage of silver, abolition of national banks, a subtreasury scheme or some similar system, a graduated income tax, plenty of paper money, government ownership of all forms of transportation and communication, election of Senators by direct vote of the people, nonownership

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What were the similarities and differences between farmers and industrial workers efforts to organize in the late nineteenth century?

What were the similarities and differences between farmers’ and industrial workersefforts to organize in the late 19th century? Farmers have were more spread out and had more support as a group. Industrial workers were more independent from one another.

What city in Texas has the largest black population?

According to data from the 2000, 2010 and 2017 population estimates compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau, Pflugerville has the largest percentage black population out of all suburban cities in the Austin metro.

Why is Texas so populated?

Rich natural resources, abundant land, a central location within the United States and a business-friendly environment have long attracted both immigrants and U.S. natives to Texas. As a result, the state’s population is faster growing, younger and more diverse than the nation’s.

What percentage of Texas is white?


Persons 65 years and over, percent  12.9%
Female persons, percent  50.3%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  78.7%

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