FAQ: Where Is Salado Texas?

How far is Salado Texas from Austin Texas?

The total driving distance from Salado, TX to Austin, TX is 51 miles or 82 kilometers.

How far is Salado TX from Georgetown TX?

Distance from Salado, TX to Georgetown, TX

There are 23.21 miles from Salado to Georgetown in southwest direction and 25 miles (40.23 kilometers) by car, following the I-35 S route. Salado and Georgetown are 25 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Is Salado Texas a good place to live?

Salado, TX is a great place to live, work, and play. Its ideal location allows its residents to easily access other, larger cities and towns while enjoying all the peace and quiet of small town living. While Salado, TX is a tiny town in central Texas, its residents enjoy some surprising benefits.

Is Salado Texas Safe?

Salado, TX Crime

Statistic Reportedincidents Salado/100k people
Assault 2 84.2
Violent crime 2 84
Burglary 20 842.1
Theft 9 378.9

What does Salado mean?

Salado is a Spanish adjective meaning salty.

How do you pronounce Salado Texas?

You say Salado, I say Sal-ah-do.

How did Salado Texas get its name?

They first came to the area because of the clear, bubbling springs associated with Salado Creek, which got its name from a local Indian tribe that called the waterway Salado, which in their language meant “salty”.

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What river runs through Salado TX?

Salado Creek, Texas. Salado Creek is a short stream of less than 20 miles in length. It forms near Jarrell in Williamson County and flows northeast into Bell County through Salado to its confluence with the Lampasas River.

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