FAQ: Where Is Cedar Park Texas?

How far is Cedar Park from Austin?

The total driving distance from Cedar Park, TX to Austin, TX is 21 miles or 34 kilometers.

How far is Cedar Park Texas from Houston?

There are 155.21 miles from Houston to Cedar Park in northwest direction and 190 miles (305.78 kilometers) by car, following the I-10 and US-90 W route. Houston and Cedar Park are 2 hours 56 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

How far is Cedar Park Texas from San Antonio?

The total driving distance from Cedar Park, TX to San Antonio, TX is 100 miles or 161 kilometers.

How far is Cedar Park from downtown Austin?

Located just 17 miles from downtown Austin, Cedar Park has all the advantages of being located close to city living and attractions, while also giving residents all the advantages of small town living.

Is Cedar Park Texas Safe?

Cedar Park consistently ranks as one of the safest cities of its size in Texas, according to annual Texas Department of Public Safety’s Crime in Texas Reports and our National Night Out Program consistently ranks among the Top Ten in the Nation and First in the State.

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Is Cedar Park a good place to live?

According to WalletHub, out of 1,268 small cities, Cedar Park is ninth overall. Cedar Park was named one of the nation’s best small cities to live in by WalletHub. Their new report looked at 1,268 cities and compared affordability, education, economic health, safety and quality of life.

Does Cedar Park have a downtown?

Located just 30 minutes north of downtown Austin and Austin Bergstrom International Airport, Cedar Park offers a laid back, small town feel with big city amenities.

What are the best suburbs of Austin TX?

The 10 Best Suburbs of Austin

  • Round Rock. Round Rock is the perfect place for urbanites becoming suburbanites.
  • Cedar Park. Located just west of Round Rock, Cedar Park is a not-so-small town with just over 70,000 residents.
  • Leander.
  • Lakeway.
  • The Hills.
  • West Lake Hills.
  • Rollingwood.
  • Bee Cave.

What city is closest to Austin TX?

Major cities near Austin, TX

  • 146 miles to Houston, TX.
  • 172 miles to Corpus Christi, TX.
  • 172 miles to Fort Worth, TX.
  • 175 miles to Arlington, TX.
  • 182 miles to Dallas, TX.
  • 194 miles to Garland, TX.
  • 200 miles to Plano, TX.
  • 218 miles to Laredo, TX.

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