FAQ: What Is The Population Of El Paso Texas?

What is the population of El Paso 2020?

The metro area population of El Paso in 2020 was 951,000, a 1.28% increase from 2019.

Is El Paso a poor city?

The reality might seem surprising, given that the city is relatively poor, with a median household income of $40,800 (national average: $53,500) and a poverty rate of 23.4 percent (national average: 15.6 percent), and with a high population of immigrants.

What percent of El Paso is Hispanic?

With El Paso’s Hispanic population 83 percent, the study ranks the Borderland as the ninth best city in the country for Hispanic entrepreneurs.

What percentage of El Paso is black?

El Paso Demographics

Black or African American: 3.63%

Who is the richest person in El Paso TX?

El Paso businessman Paul Foster is No. 1,477 on the latest Forbes magazine list of the world’s billionaires. Even though Foster’s estimated net worth of $1.6 billion went up from $1.4 billion in 2017, he moved down slightly on the list from No. 1,468 last year.

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Is it safe to go to Juarez?

Most of the past violence in Juarez is directly related to illegal drug trafficking. However, the city has been able to turn this around remarkably fast since 2011. Juarez is safe. it is safer than many U.S. cities, especially for tourists.

What is the poorest city in Texas?

Detailed List Of The Poorest Places To Live In Texas

Rank City Poverty Rate
1 Prairie View 50.5%
2 Carrizo Springs 38.4%
3 Center 38.8%
4 Marlin 47.1%

What language is spoken in El Paso?

Furthermore, nearly 70% of El Paso speaks Spanish, making it one of just 22 US cities and towns with more Spanish speakers than English speakers.

Is El Paso a bad place to live?

The article also notes safety, but doesn’t specifically mention El Paso is consistently ranked among the safest city in the country. “El Paso gets a bad rap for its proximity to Juarez, Mexico, but the metro area is safer than you might think, and its economy is thriving.

What is El Paso Texas famous for?

What is El Paso Known For? The city of El Paso is called “Sun City” because on average, it has 302 days of sun every year. El Paso is known for it’s delicious Tex-Mex cuisine and because it’s a border town to Juarez, Mexico.

What is El Paso’s nickname?

Chucotown is the nickname for El Paso. It’s generally believed to be derived from pachuco, the word for old-school Latinos in zoot suits.

Does El Paso Texas get hurricanes?

El Paso County, TX is in a very low risk hurricane zone. 4 hurricanes have been recorded in the El Paso County, TX since 1930. The largest hurricane was Celia in 1970. The most recent El Paso County, TX hurricane was Dolly in 2008.

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What is the cost of living in El Paso Texas?

El Paso cost of living is 81.4

Grocery 92 93.7
Health 86.7 95.4
Housing 56.5 84.3
Median Home Cost $130,700 $195,000

How many veterans live in El Paso?


Population Characteristics
Veterans, 2015-2019 47,484
Foreign born persons, percent, 2015-2019 24.1%

Is El Paso a growing city?

How quickly is El Paso growing? El Paso has grown 20.7% since the 2000. El Paso, Texas’s growth is about average. 46% of similarly sized cities are growing faster since 2000.

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