FAQ: How Far Is Austin Texas From Waco Texas?

Is Austin or Dallas closer to Waco?

Waco is located 90 miles north of Austin, the Texas state capital, and 90 miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

How long does it take to drive from Austin to Waco?

How long is the drive from Austin, TX to Waco, TX? The total driving time is 1 hour, 34 minutes. Your trip begins in Austin, Texas. It ends in Waco, Texas.

How far is Waco from Dallas?

Distance between Waco and Dallas is 141 kilometers (88 miles). Driving distance from Waco to Dallas is 153 kilometers (95 miles).

How far is Round Rock from Waco?

The total driving distance from Round Rock, TX to Waco, TX is 84 miles or 135 kilometers.

Is Magnolia silos worth the trip?

My short answer is no.

Every detail of Magnolia Market is beautiful. Chip and Joanna have a style that is consistent and it can be felt throughout the Market and into the bakery and around The Silos. The Market has displays that are constantly changing and I did notice some new stock around the shop on this visit.

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Are chip and Joanna ever at the silos?

Rarely do you ever see them at the Silos. They are there though. On a rare occasion Chip has stepped out on the stairwell and will wave or give a shout out to the crowd below. Good to remember that they are super busy these days with all their business ventures and filming.

Is Waco Texas a good place to live?

You’ll find Woodway is a very safe community. Property crime is 60% lower than the average in Texas, and 57% lower than the nation’s average. Violent crime is 64% lower than the Texas average and 59% lower than the nation’s average.

How far is Waco from the beach?

Distance conversions

Distance type Miles Kilometers
Straight line distance 185.44 mi 298.43 km
Driving distance 218 mi 350.77 km

What is the closest major airport to Waco Texas?

The nearest airport to Waco is Waco (ACT) Airport which is 6.2 miles away. Other nearby airports include Dallas (DAL) (91.6 miles), Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) (94 miles), Austin (AUS) (98.6 miles) and Houston (IAH) (153 miles).

Is Waco Texas Safe?

Within Texas, more than 94% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Waco. Importantly, when you compare Waco to other communities of similar population, then Waco crime rate (violent and property crimes combined) is quite a bit higher than average.

Does it get cold in Waco Texas?

In Waco, the summers are hot and muggy, the winters are cold and windy, and it is partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 39°F to 97°F and is rarely below 27°F or above 102°F.

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Does it snow in Waco Texas?

Waco averages 0 inches of snow per year.

How far is Round Rock Texas from Austin Texas?

The total driving distance from Austin, TX to Round Rock, TX is 19 miles or 31 kilometers.

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